Privacy Policy - Customers
under the articles No 13-14 of the European Regulation 679/2016
Pink Wave S.r.l. is the data processor and shall use consumer's personal data in compliance with the data protection principles laid down in the European Regulation GDPR 2016/679.
1. We wish to inform you that your data will be processed by using the following means:
– Mixed – electronic as well as the paper version 

towards the following aims:

– Communicating course participants names to the hotels which house professional training courses
– Training for workers
– Deployment of personnel to holiday resorts
– Personnel recruitment in Italy and across Europe
– Course participants images usage in order to realize promotional videos
In particular, for the following specified purposes, the user's data will be processed ONLY on specific consensus acceptance:
– Course participants images usage in order to realize promotional videos:
– Consent to the processing of minors personal data
- Pubblication of Photos for promotional purposes

2. Data provision is mandatory for all what is provided for by legal and contractual obligations and, consequently, any partial or total provision denial could result in the impossibility to provide for the required services.
The company processes user's optional data on the basis of consensus, that is to say on this privacy policy's explicit approval and with regard to the following described methods and aims.

3. Notwithstanding communications sent in compliance with legal and contractual obligations, all the collected and processed data could be disclosed, exclusively for the specified above purposes, to the following categories of recipients:
– Consultants and self-employed professionals (also in the associate form)
– Tax consultants
– Employees
– Authorized persons

4. Mandatory data for contractual and legal purposes will be retained for the time needed to the carrying out of the commercial and accounting relationship. Individuals who don't purchase services or goods' data, even though they've had a previous contract with some company representatives, will be deleted after a continuous period of inactivity or processed in an anonymised form, where their retention doesn't appear to be justified, except that the interested parties' informed consent, related to a subsequent commercial activity or market research, was previously and validly acquired.
Data retention period amounts to: data will be processed for as long as necessary to the carrying out of the outstanding trade relationship and for the following ten years since data's acquisition date.
5. In accordance with the European Regulation no 679/2016 (GDPR) and with national law the interested party, in the manner and within the limits laid down by current legislation, is able to exercise the following rights:
– Asking for the confirmation of personal data existence regarding his person (data subject's right of access – articles no 16 and 17 of the Regulation no 679/2016)
– Knowing the data origin
– Receiving clear data communication
– Receive information regarding processing rationale, methods and aims
– Requesting the data processed adjournment, rectification, integration, deletion, pseudonymisation, data block when their processing constitutes a law infringement including those no longer needed to the fulfillment of the purposes for which they were collected (right of rectification and deletion – articles no 16 and 17 of the Regulation no 679/2016)
– Right to the data (regarding his own person) processing restriction and/or opposition (article no 18 of the Regulation no 679/2016)
– Right of withdrawal
– Right to data portability (article no 20 of the Regulation no 679/2016)
– In case of processing based on consent receiving his own data, provided to the data processor, in legible form and in a commonly used electronic format
– Right to submit a complaint (right of access of a data subject - article no 15 of the Regulation no 679/2016)
6. Your personal data processor is Pink Wave S.r.l. C.O.E. SM 27998
– Email:
– Mobile: 0549964926

I state I received a complete privacy policy in compliance with the article 13 of the Eu Regulation no 2016/679 and give my consent to my own personal data processing and disclosure, with particular regard to the particular ones, within the limits, purpose and duration specified in this privacy policy.

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